Since 2012 the dedicated board of the Hopeland Foundation has worked hard to prove and get recognition for the concept of planting trees in eroding and dry areas. Everywhere in the world projects were successfully done and the concept got remarkable results.  Generating Jobs and food for the local people involved. Also the Project in South America were students got an awareness training about the value of trees and how to plant and maintain them was a great success.

Hopeland foundation faces a huge expansion due to the accelerating problems caused by climate change. To guide the foundation in this expansion we found a capable new chairman in Mr. John Smit. He is an international entrepreneur in renewable energy installations and has a 28 years experience as director of Berendina Foundation, a Dutch NGO focusing on the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka and in that country the biggest NGO on Micro Finance projects.

John is convinced of the strength of the need to bundle forces of all kind of interested parties to plant large amount of trees in the most efficient way.

With 2 billion hectares changing into deserts or eroding there is no time to lose.

Please support our work in any way you can. Or join our 100 Ha approach to compensate your CO2 footprint. We plant a square meter of forest for every euro that you contribute.