Give hope: plant trees!

Hopeland Foundation

What we do

Hopeland Foundation develops and supports tree and vegetable planting projects worldwide and make it easy for organizations to compensate their CO2 footprint by financially participating in our 100 Hectare projects.

Plant anywhere

The Groasis waterboxx plays an essential role. If trees and plants need to survive in difficult circumstances, the waterboxx is a wonderful incubator saving enormous quantity of water compared to traditional irrigation.


We currently have several projects running and looking to expand to new areas. Hopeland Foundation develops and supports educational projects for children to learn the importance of biodiversity and the proper method of planting of trees.

Our Vision

Desertisation and erosion by climate change, causing the loss of lands for food production is the main migration factor for the next decennia. We can reclaim these lands by planting trees.

Read about how you can help us!

We seek worldwide media attention, funds, support, charity funds – all aimed to underwrite our vision and projects.